Zverev withdraws from Next Gen event

As anticipated, Alexander Zverev withdrew from the Next Gen tournament. The event is being held from 7-11 November and concludes just one day before the World Tour Finals from London.

In an interview after winning his opener in Vienna, Zverev was asked on his take on being qualified for both Next Gen and World Tour Finals events. The young German made it clear that the London event is his priority.

The Next Gen tournament is a help for players that still need a confidence boost and important events, in order to get used to the pressure and responsibility.

Zverev is already far too established for that. He won 5 titles this year, claiming 2 Masters, both in front of legends like Djokovic and Federer. He needs all his power to perform well at his first tournament of champions.

The Next Gen tournament is also an exhibition one. Not only that the players won’t get ATP points, but they will change a lot of rules. That might be extremely confusing for a player that prepares for a big event.

I have consulted with my team and in order to best prepare for London, we have made the decision that it is best not to play the week before in Milan.

Therefore, sadly, I will be withdrawing from the Next Gen ATP Finals, however I still plan on making an appearance at the beginning of the event to support the tournament and show my appreciation for my fans in Italy that were so supportive during my win in Rome earlier this year.

It’s a big blow for the inaugural event, as Zverev was the main attraction. But he did a logical thing. He is already a power to reckon with on the senior tour. He fights for the biggest goals. He surpassed the title of a future hope, he already confirmed.

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