Zverev: ‘I choked!’

The World number 3 was frustrated on how he finished the year. He believes the last months were not up to his standards and understands that this has to change by the next year.

The pressure is big on the 20 years old, as he already had great success this year. He managed to bank in 5 titles, 3rd only after Federer (7) and Nadal (6). He defeated in finals champions like Djokovic and Federer to claim two Masters.

People still have to understand the age that he is still at. Alexander Zverev is expected to fulfill his number 1 prediction. Now. But he still needs time.

He still has to learn a lot about having patience and mental strength in tensed moments. But the German has the right attitude and works hard. If he stays away from injuries and remains humble, the progress should be translated next year also in Grand Slam success, as this year didn’t go deep in either.

It will be hard solely to maintain the level from this year, as he has loads of points to defend.

But the solution to any problem is to first realize that you have one. Sascha did just that:

Yeah, I choked. It’s quite easy.

The end of the year was absolute crap for me. If I would have played the whole year like I did, by the end of the year I don’t think I would have finished in the top 50. Yeah, that’s a bit unfortunate for me.

But that’s okay. I’m going to go on holidays now. I’m definitely going to enjoy that. Then I’m going to work hard in the off-season.

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