Zverev fights back – Hopman Cup

Sascha Zverev is highly regarded as the most talented youngster from the tour. He is expected to reach the World number 1 in the near future and that has to be a big responsibility. Pressure follows.

The German had a great 2017, winning 2 Masters, defeating in the finals greats like Djokovic and Federer. He won 5 titles, third on the tour ( Federer – 7, Nadal – 6). He managed to reach World number 3, now occupying the 4th position.

At the end of the year though, Zverev admitted that he chocked, overwhelmed by the stellar expectations, from both audiences and himself. He also needs to improve his Grand Slam results.

The 20 years old was the youngest player in World Tour Finals, showing a good form. He defeated Marin Cilic, fought hard, but lost to Federer and chocked with Sock.

Sascha started his 2018 campaign in Hopman Cup, representing Germany. His fist match couldn’t be more challenging, having to face the in-form and reinvented David Goffin. The Belgian managed to showcase his superior speed and Zverev couldn’t keep up.

The German didn’t play bad, but wasn’t too inspired either, unable to find solutions to Goffin’s game. David was very aggressive, taking time from the youngster, attacking at all times and returning great.

Zverev Jr. couldn’t find his rhythm and his serve didn’t work great either.

Overwhelmed and unable to answer, Zverev had to admit defeat and a dominant display, 6-3, 6-3.

But in the second singles match, he looked way better. But has to be taken to consideration the opponent as well, Vasek Pospisil. The young Star dominated Pospisil from all points of view and overpowered the Canadian, winning 6-4, 6-2.

Zverev’s game still looks a bit rusty and lacks confidence, but that builds up with wins. His game shows hope, he only has to improve his mental strength and speed.


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