The new number 1 WTA! But for how long?

Great performance from the diminutive Romanian! Simona Halep is a dominant figure in women’s Tennis for the last 5 years. It was only natural for this time to come.

Known for her consistence and fighting spirit, Halep suffers from a small height. And this makes her slow at times with taller players and she is forced to stay way behind the baseline.

Simona is an all-around player, can hit the ball well from both sides and she is very athletic. She is hardworking and fights for every point.

Now the flaws. Being so small, her serve lacks power, which always determines her to fight extra for each point on her serve. She often loses her temper and gives up in the big moments. When her mental would be stronger, she will finally dominate for long periods the WTA circuit.

Halep needed this year 4 shots at number 1. And finally took it. But not in a Final.

Great accomplishments in this Beijing Open, where she finally beat her old nemesis, Sharapova, even dismantled her. Then she won against her Rolland Garros young conqueror, Ostapenko, claiming the World number 1.

But, and it’s a big ‘but’, she lost the title. Caroline Garcia was the opponent, a former doubles specialist. The French overpowered Halep, pushing her way in the back of the baseline and forcing her to hit most of the time from running.

Halep wasn’t varying her game enough, throwing short balls way too often and on the center of the court. Also, she suffered on her service games. The Romanian often looked clueless and unable to adapt to the game.

Even though she claimed World number 1, she needs to win titles. Too many world number ones with no Grand Slams and big titles.

Women’s Tennis lacks real dominant figures right now. It looks too inconstant. The quality decreased a lot since the times of masterful Justine Henin and such. Those times were so competitive and spectacular and had thrilling rhythm.

If Simona Halep wants to stay at the top longer, she needs to win more titles. Her mental needs to become stronger, that’s her biggest flaw. Because when she is calm, she is an amazing cerebral player which can outplay anyone.


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