Reinvented Goffin – Hopman Cup

David Goffin is that player needed to spice things up. Very intelligent and versatile.

Being a skinny person, the Belgian always lacked power in his game. So he suffers in terms of serve and when having to reply to strong players. Or at least he was.

In the second part of 2017 it seems that Goffin found his way. Being an all around player, both versatile from baseline and net, he found a way to impose his game. His great speed and clean execution of volleys are clear advantages and it seems he managed to play on his terms for the last few months.

He is showing amazing form and improvement. Last year he won 2 tournaments and defeated in World Tour finals number 1, Nadal, and number 2, Federer.

His outstanding form seems to continue in 2018 during Hopman Cup.

The Belgian’s first evidence was the match against Sascha Zverev. The German was playing good, but still David found a way to outplay him. He showcased his superior speed and dominated the rallies from the baseline and closed a lot of points from the net, executing clean volleys.

Goffin was a man with a mission having composure and determination. He searched to take the ball fast and return as much as possible. Zverev was overwhelmed and lost, 6-3, 6-3.

The second match he encountered Thanasi Kokkinasis, a talented Next Gener, which was setback by injuries in the past.

The Australian shot powerful serves, one after one. The serve was his main weapon. But David Goffin found ways to break it. He couldn’t return as many as with Zverev, but still managed to play on his own terms, dominating the rallies.

Kokkinasis was a redoubtable opponent and succeeded to create real problems to the Belgian. The first set was a tight affair. But once won, the second set was a different story, where the Australian lost his composure and began having loads of unforced errors.

David Goffin claimed the match, 6-4, 6-2, prolonging his impressing form.

If he stays healthy, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be a contender for the biggest titles.

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