Nadal hit by a new injury?

After the blockbuster final against his old nemesis and good friend, Federer, Nadal spoke about his knee strap and injury.

It was a while since we saw the infamous knee straps on Nadal’s legs. But in the Sunday’s final, Rafa had one under his right knee. Very unfortunate, as the battle for World number 1 heats up.

The King of clay said that probably he will skip playing Basel, as he needs some rest. This will give an extra chance to the Swiss Maestro to close the 2000 points gap.

It was curious indeed that the Spaniard was reaching late to a lot of points, but I attributed that to the Swiss’ fast hitting of the ball and to his shots variation.

I don’t want to talk about that [the knee strapping] now, sorry. After losing the final it is not the moment. I am not worried, though I don’t know about Basel. I need to think about it. I cannot tell you now. 

This is what the 31-years-old declared after the loss of Shanghai Masters final. We don’t know how serious is the injury, but it’s definitely not a good news.

Maybe he just needs some well deserved rest, as he played quite a lot. Nadal played 16 tournaments this year and Federer just 10. It’s also true that there is a 5 years difference in between the Tennis gods.

Let’s hope the injury is not severe and we won’t lose another great champion from the game. Tennis already suffers from the absence of so many players; greats like Djokovic, Murray and other big names like Wawrinka, Nishikori and Raonic.

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