Martina Hingis retires

The great champion, Martina Hingis, decided to retire. The third time in her career: firstly in 2003 when she was 22 years old and then in 2007 after a short comeback.

She is regarded as being one of the biggest stars in women’s Tennis, both in singles and doubles. Her class and powerful style of play recommends her.

The doubles number 1 player was the youngest ever Grand Slam champion and the youngest ever World Number 1 in singles, before suffering ligament injuries in both angles. This forced her to retire in 2002.

Hingis claimed in her illustrious career 43 singles titles, out of which 5 were Grand Slams and 2 World Tour Finals. She was even more impressive in doubles and mixed doubles, where she won 64 and 7 titles receptively. She took 20 Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles.

The Swiss won this year’s Wimbledon in doubles and US Open in mixed doubles with Jamie Murray, the brother of the former World number 1, Andy Murray.

Martina Hingis finishes her career on a high note. She exits the scene as World number 1 in doubles, alongside her partner, Yung-jan Chan. Their last match was at the World Tour finals, defeated in the Semifinal by the pair Babos – Hlavackova.

This is what Martina Hingis said:

I think now it’s definite. It’s different, because before I walked away thinking I might come back.

After a season like this, I think it’s also perfect timing. You want to stop on top and not when you’re already going backwards.

I couldn’t ask for a better finish.

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