Marion Bartoli returns

One of the most atypical top Tennis players in recent history, Marion Bartoli, announced her return to the pro circuit in 2018.

 I am delighted to announce my comeback on the professional circuit of the WTA next year.

I am so looking forward to seeing you again during my matches and sharing some amazing emotions with you.

The French player marked the WTA tour with her strange style of play. Her wide movement when hitting the ball and an apparent unbalanced movement, often called without grace. She was a force to reckon nevertheless.

She was an all around player, powerful from both the baseline and the net. Strong mentally and hardworking.

Bartoli managed to win 8 WTA titles, with the highlight coming in her retirement year, 2013. The then 29-years old managed to produce one of the biggest shocks in women’s Tennis in the last 10 years. She won Wimbledon and marked herself on the map in the WTA history as a big player.

The surprise was even bigger as later that year she retired after a defeat against now WTA’s leader, Simona Halep. The former number 7 in the World fell in the second round of Cincinnati and retired.

Marion Bartoli battled with a strong virus in 2016, which made her lose a lot of weight, muscles and threatened her life. But it is seems that now she defeated the illness and is ready to return to the game.

Marion Bartoli is scheduled to return in March 2018, where she will attend the Miami Open.

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