Laver Cup – Federer and Nadal in the same team


What a time to live in! Laver Cup, the event of the great legend, Rod Laver, gathers almost all the in-form players of this season. Among them we have the Tennis gods, Federer and Nadal.

An interesting fact is that Federer and Nadal will play for the same team. For the first time in an official tournament.

Just like in the Olympic Games, the players won’t get any ATP points. But they assure us that they don’t take these matches lightly. There are not just exhibition games. They fight for Tennis glory and to create an entertaining show for the fans. Must be exciting!

We have 2 teams: Europe, with Bjorn Borg as a captain, and The rest of the world, lead by the one and only Tennis’ bad boy, John McEnroe. Both captains have 6 players in their team. 4 players are there by rankings and the rest are captain’s choice.

On the paper, it looks like a mismatch, as the Europe teams contains, among others, number 1 and 2 in the world, Nadal and Federer, the best youngster right now, Zverev (4), and Austria’s finest, Thiem (7).

On the other side of the net, we have 3 power servers, Isner, Sock and Querrey, Next Gen’s spectacular players, Shapovalov and Tiafoe. And the bad boy of Tennis, Nick Kyrgios. It’s only natural to be captained by another loose canon, McEnroe. They should understand each other.

Just like in the Olympic Games and Davis Cup, I’m expecting a lot of surprises.

I’m curious how the youngsters will respond to the occasion, how they will find answers in front of the Tennis giants. I hope this event will help them build their trust, credibility and experience.

It looks like an uneven contest, but I believe we will have close matches, surprises and spectacular points.



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