History written: Federer & Nadal on the same side

What a day! Starstruck; spectacular points and explosive matches. All passion, all in.

Everybody was talking about the doubles match, where Federer and Nadal played, for the first time in history, on the same side of the net. They played before doubles matches in exhibition ones, but never on the same side of the net. As Federer said in the interview after the match, they were always careful not to show too much to each other from their style of play and tactical secrets.

The Masters met the all American team formed by Sam Querrey and Jack Sock. All four players had singles matches as well before, in the same day.

The match had a lot of enthusiasm and fighting spirit. Spectacular smashes and powerful ground strokes. We could easily see that the American team had more experience in playing doubles. Federer and Nadal were clumsy at times and intervened in the same time to return. Also, sometimes they were a bit clueless at the net. The second set was a complete dominance from the World’s team, won by 6-1. But in the end, the two Tennis gods showed great focus during the big points and dominated the tie-break.

Roger and Rafa knew the importance of this match, both historically and for the team, and they gave their all.

But the first match of the day was the real show. Federer met the big server, Querrey.

The American fought really hard and made Federer work to win his points. Especially in the first set, the American had good rallies, great volleys (typical for a doubles specialist) and interesting close to the line points.

But Federer proved to be way too good on this occasion. He overpowered and outplayed Sam. For every solution that the American had, Federer seemed to be a few steps ahead.

The GOAT played freely and tried all the hard shots, that’s why some of them landed quite a lot outside the field. The Maestro looked so much in control, that he allowed himself to try everything. That’s a great confidence boost. And he seemed fresh physically. The Swiss tried all the shots from his arsenal and even did SABR (Sneak Attack by Roger) a few times, making the audience have a laugh once or twice.

The second match of the day brought us a great fight and a lot of passion. Who else can put so much heart into it than Nadal? This time we didn’t had one way traffic, like Federer had. It was a battle to remember.

The first set was all Nadal. He came like a lion over his opponent, Jack Sock, who looked overwhelmed by the occasion. The Spaniard had the confidence to hit all the hard shots and to take risks.

In the second set though, the American regrouped and dominated the world number 1. Being down a set, the World’s captain, John McEnroe, told Jack that he will not tolerate this attitude and that he has to put more heart and passion into it. And the American delivered.

But in the end, the experience spoke and Nadal knew when to accelerate and took the big points in the tie-break. Only just, but Nadal brought yet another victory for the Europe.

The third match brought the first victory of the day for the World team. First one won in singles.

Thomas Berdych came on the court having the crowd support, playing in his home town. And he completely dominated Kyrgios in the first set. It looked like a one-way traffic. Also, the Australian called the physiotherapist on the field, as it seems he had some muscular issues. Nick looked a bit overwhelmed by the situation as well and the contest seemed lost.

But the bad boy regrouped in the second set and fought hard for every point, showing a lot of heart and fighting spirit. His efforts paid off and he won the second set at tie-break. He pushed the match into a decider and there he made the most of it, taking the first points in singles for his team.

Nick Kyrgios was part of the doubles team from the first day that took the other point for the team. So he seems to be the best weapon so far for McEnroe’s team.

What will the third, and last, day will bring? I’m excited!


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