Federer withdraws from Paris

After claiming the Basel crown, Federer has announced that he will withdraw from the Paris Masters event.

He was making hints in previous interviews as well that he might skip it, as World Tour Finals is a priority for the Swiss. Winning in his hometown made the decision even easier.

Federer said many times that the number 1 spot is not a priority for him this year, but the Tennis world pushed this idea further, as it was a vintage and an exciting one. But Roger claimed that it’s more important to win titles and to be healthy, to enjoy his time on the court.

If people think that the number 1 distinction is all that matters, they’re missing the bigger picture. Yes, any player loves to be the number 1, but Federer was there the longest in history, now he has other records to achieve.

His longevity and success at this age shows his commitment and professionalism. Still hungry, still eager to improve and adapt. He never had such a killer serve and a thrilling backhand. He used to be super defensive, he is now attacking more than ever.

He had a chance to chase the number 1 spot after Montreal, but he was hurt. His back caused him issues again.

The GOAT said he pulls off Paris in order to rest, but the official reason given to the Paris event was a back injury.

This is what Roger Federer said:

If I thought about it maybe I wouldn’t even enjoy the end of the season because the whole season would feel a waste.

The whole great season I played would feel it’s a bad one.

I’m sorry to say it’s not a priority for me. People like to talk about it and make it a big deal about it.

I would loved to have made a big deal about it after Cincinatti, Montreal or the US Open but I couldn’t do it there.

My back didn’t ever allow me to get into the race for the world no.1.

It’s been a wonderful year throughout and the goal here is to play a good World Tour Finals.

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