Federer to play in Mexico

Roger Federer is in talks with the organizers from the Mexican Open in Acapulco for an exhibition match.

The Swiss Maestro has chosen to play Dubai since 2002, which is scheduled in the same time with the Mexican event. And rightfully so, he enjoyed a lot of success there throughout the years.

But the organizers of Acapulco’s tournament want to turn that around. And if they can’t bring him in the official event, they want him in an exhibition match, which can happen in December 2018.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion said:

Probably with Acapulco is difficult as it clashes with Dubai, where I have been playing for many, many years and I like to go there.

So I don’t know at this point, but never say never. I love Dubai.

Of course I would love to go visit Mexico again after all these years.

Even an exhibition match is appealing with Federer around. As proof are his charitable matches and this year’s Laver Cup, where he treated the matches as any official one.


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