Federer talks retirement

It’s sad to hear about Roger Federer plans to retire, but it’s a normal path in a player’s career.

Federer enjoyed an amazing 2017, winning Australian Open, Wimbledon and 3 Masters. In the process, the Swiss Maestro dominated his old nemesis, Rafa Nadal, claiming all of their four meetings.

Roger proved again that he is willing to improve and adapt. He made huge an already great serve, making it almost untouchable. Then his one-hand backhand became a lethal attacking weapon.

The champion’s passion for the game is inspirational.

The GOAT gave an interview to a newspapers from Dubai, Gulf News, in which he spoke about his inevitable retirement.

I know it [retirement] is sooner or later.

I know I’m not 22 anymore, but I don’t have a date.

If the body allows me to play, my family allows me to play, if the success is still there, if I’m happy to travel, I will continue.

But the four things have to work, if one of the four doesn’t work, it maybe the time to stop. But for now, it’s ok.

We are privileged to still be able to admire his masterclass. For now, his four reasons to continue are going strong. And 2017 is not over yet.

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