Federer’s class – he receives 3 awards

The one and only, Roger Federer, ladies and gentlemen.

Like he didn’t had his trophy and award collection big enough, the Swiss Maestro takes home three more awards:

Fan’s favorite, Stefan Edberg sportsmanship and Comeback player of the year.

So the GOAT remains highly regarded by both fans and players on the tour, as Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award was voted by his peers.

Even though his accolades represent things that others can just dream, he always stayed grounded and humble.

Federer showed again his class by saying both at the award festivity and at another interview:

I feel I could share these awards with everybody.

At the ceremony he pointed his greatest rival and good friend, Rafa Nadal, as the main player that he could share with the comeback player of the year award.

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