Dolgo, the Dog! Dolgopolov revival?

What a player! So spectacular! He always goes for the winners, for the lines, doesn’t like to wait for the opponent’s mistakes.

He is one of my favorite players and I can compare him with Baghdatis. If healthy, I’m sure both would’ve achieved way more than they did.

Alexandr Dolgopolov is the number 1 Ukrainian Tennis player. Being known for his unorthodox way of hitting the ball and his unusual movement, he is regarded as one of the most spectacular. Dolgo has the weapons to be a top player. His serve wasn’t the best, but now I saw that he improved it a lot.

He is a redoubtable fighter and nobody takes him lightly. His encounters with Nadal are the proof of that. He won two matches against the World number one and had other pretty close ones. You can never accuse the Ukrainian of not giving his heart out there.

Alexandr suffers from Gilbert’s syndrome, a liver disorder that causes him extreme tiredness. When ill, he has to go to a hospital for a few weeks.

But this is where it gets interesting. A great life lesson. Dolgopolov never complains and refuses sympathy. His dedication for the sport made him overcome this obstacle that for others would’ve meant retirement.

Given his qualities and his spectacular shot making, it’s a pity. I’m sure he could’ve achieved more. But I’m happy that he continues to fight and to give us shows to remember.

Dolgo, the Dog, won his first title of 2017, after a drought of five years, claiming the Buenos Aires title, played on clay. He beat the number 1 favorite in the final, Japan’s finest, Kei Nishikori.

He also had a great tournament in US Open, failing to the eventual Champion, his old nemesis, Rafael Nadal.

Now he is playing the Shenzhen Open, China, where he already reached the Semi Final. Next for him might be the Next Gen Superstar, Sascha Zverev.

Meeting Dudi Sela in the Quarter Final, the Ukranian had an inspired first set. He was making all the shots, hitting the ball fast and taking the time from his opponent. He was repeatedly searching the lines and succeeded. I was also impressed about his serve, which became a weapon to be reckon with.

The second set was a complete different story. The Israelian was making the shots and kept capitalizing on Dolgo’s numerous unforced errors. Sela was also taking the ball really fast. Alexandr was only kept in the set by his serve. And even if he lost it only once, it was a poor set from him.

But the number 1 Ukrainian took the break in the first game of the decider and Dudi Sela retired afterwads with a hand injury. Dolgopolov won 6-3, 4-6, 1-0.

How far can he go?


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