Djokovic: ”Not much you have written is true.”

Novak Djokovic claimed that the press has taken his words out of context.

The Serbian asked from the players to create a union by which to fight against ATP in order to ask for more prize money. This happened during a press conference, when the former World number 1 asked all non-players to leave the room.

Nole had this to say about what was written:

Not much of what you have written is true.

You’ve taken things out of context. I saw that you’ve portrayed me as someone who is very greedy, asks for more money and wants to boycott.

You’re talking about union, you’re talking about boycott, you’re talking about radical decisions to make and move so we can get financial compensations the way we deserve it. But there were no talks about that.

We wanted to use this opportunity [at our meeting] to speak about certain subjects and see how everyone reacts to that and I guess see what opinions are. There were no decisions being made. There were no talks about a boycott or anything like that.

Novak Djokovic is the president of ATP’s Player Council and asked from the players to unite in order to get bigger prizes from the Grand Slams. But vehemently denies that anything was decided or that he plans to boycott the Slams if the financial requirements are not met.

The 12 time Grand Slam champion said that he sees nothing wrong in claiming the players’ rights.

He was publicly supported by Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Roger Federer though didn’t agree to create a union outside ATP.

Alexander Zverev is one of Djokovic’s supporters, but claimed he has nothing to do with this topic.


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