Dimitrov is the King of World Tour Finals

The buzz around the Final of the elite event was rising, as we had two debutants in this tournament.

Will Grigor Dimitrov crush Goffin one more time, like in the Round-Robin stage? Or Goffin will surprise everyone again, as he enjoys the underdog posture?

The Bulgarian was coming in the final undefeated, but the Belgian made the shocks of the tournament. Goffin managed to beat, in the same tournament, both World number 1, Rafa Nadal, and 2, Roger Federer.

Dimitrov showcased great form though and had a positive head to head record, 4-1. But David proved that he is a redoubtable opponent and not to be taken lightly, even though he lacks power (as his weight is really low). But the thin Belgian has amazing speed and good shot execution all around (besides serve, again because lacking power).

The match started really strange, as the first set looked more like a women’s match, as the players weren’t able to hold their serves. It was all about the returner and loads of unforced errors. Dimitrov won it, as he was fortunate enough to take another break at 6-5.

The second set looked more interesting, as Goffin stepped in the court more frequently and took time from Grigor, as he was constantly unbalanced. The World number 8 was risking more, as he was sending the balls long and on the lines. Dimitrov couldn’t keep up to this rhythm and had to admit losing this battle.

But Baby Fed was the one who focused more in the decider and claimed the decisive break, which he will hold till the very end. He claimed the biggest title of his career, 7-5, 4-6, 6-3.

Even though we had a lot of spectacular rallies, that happened because both players were so tensed and weren’t taking enough risks to close the point. Both were waiting for the other’s mistake.

Overall a poor final in terms of consistency, but an entertaining one nevertheless.

Grigor Dimitrov reaches a career height of World number 3 and David Goffin moves one spot, reaching number 7.

Both players finish their best year of their careers so far, as Dimitrov claims 4 titles, the highlights being his first Masters title (Cincinnati) and the prestigious World Tour Finals.

Goffin takes home 2 titles, in Tokyo and Shenzhen and manages victories against World number 1 and 2.

What will they do when all the injured champions return to action in 2018? I also expect a lot of improvement from the new generation, as I believe they will be more visible this year in big tournaments. We will have to wait and see.

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