Dimitrov destroys Goffin – World Tour Finals

After days of close matches at World Tour Finals, we had a one sided match. Grigor Dimitrov demolished a probably injured Goffin.

Playing again with a strap on his left knee, Goffin looked like he was going through some physical issues.

Dimitrov took full charge from the start and didn’t allow David to play as he please. The Bulgarian overpowered the number 1 Belgian. Grigor was playing long and hitting with confidence powerful forehands and superb one hand backhands, finding the corner of the court or the long of the line.

Sensing that something was physically off with Goffin, Dimitrov managed to catch his opponent on contre pied on numerous occasions. He also had a lot of drop shots, when we could see how hard Goffin was arriving to the ball.

David was playing too short and was punished each time by Baby Federer by coming to the net and finishing the point confidently. The World number 6 bageled the number 8, as we saw the most one sided set in the whole tournament.

Goffin wasn’t playing bad, but lacked consistency and was going late to points way too often. He managed to raise his level a bit in the second set, but still couldn’t get out of Dimitrov’s routine of playing him on contre pied and sending drop shots. He kept on returning short and that was the end for him.

Grigor Dimitrov dismissed David Goffin with an outstanding 6-0, 6-2 and qualifies for the Semi-Finals.

The Belgian needs to win the match against Dominic Thiem if he wants to stand a chance to get out of the group.


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