Baghdatis retires / Goffin reigns

What a bummer! Baghdatis is forced to retire in the final of Chendu Open, after a wonderful week for him. The signals were there since yesterday and this was my biggest question mark: will he be healthy?

Unfortunately the Cypriot, who had his career plagued by injuries, was forced to retire one more time. It was really visible, since the get-go, that he is in constant back pain and can barely move. Istomin noticed it and was continuously changing the ball’s direction and sending drop-shots. Marcos tried to fight, but was in serious pain. He collapsed on the field in the 6th game of the first set. He was extremely disappointed, but really had no alternative.

Not an ideal way to win a title, but Denis Istomin deserved it nevertheless after a great week for him. He claimed his second career title. The Uzbek had a lot of empathy for Baghdatis and didn’t celebrate for the title in front of him. The match ended 3-2 for Istomin.

Elsewhere, Goffin won his 3rd carrer title at Shenzhen Open. It was time for the versatile and all-around player to win titles again. But he didn’t have it easy, he had to work for it.

Alexandr Dolgopolov started the match in style, leading the rhythm and going for the spectacular shots on the lines. He was frequently coming to the net and kept pushing Goffin back even from the baseline.

But the Belgian showed why he is respected and highly regarded on the tour. Even though he was overpowered at times, he focused and took the big points. One break was enough to claim the first set, 6-4.

In the second set, the Ukrainian started bullying David and kept pushing him back, overpowering him. Goffin wasn’t able to cover the field properly and was a simple spectator at times. Dolgo was hitting the ball too hard and fast for the Belgian to be able to respond. This is the reason Goffin is not in the elite, because he has all the shots, but he doesn’t have the power.

Goffin had no answer and Alexandr took his advantage to 5-1. He took the charge like a storm. But Dolgopolov couldn’t close the set. He started doing a lot of unforced errors. Goffin realized he can’t win using his inferior force, so he tried to slow the rhythm down. The rallies that followed entertained the Chinese audience.

But even though Dolgopolov was keep having spectacular shots, he wasn’t able to focus during the important points, which Goffin claimed. The Ukrainian lost his way, but was somehow able to regroup and claim the second set in a tight tie-break, 7-6 (5).

But in the decider David Goffin took charge of the rhythm and imposed his game. Alexandr Dolgopolov looked a bit drained of energy at times, going late for several points. The Ukrainian showed some signs of comeback, but too little, too late. Goffin focused and closed the match in style, with a ball down the line, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-3.

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